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AMI Interactive Presentations

Client AMI – International Medical Assistance

Briefing AMI celebrated their 20th anniversary with several initiatives, including an exhibition in Lisbon.
The exhibition had the theme “Be a Volunteer for a Day”, and it was necessary to produce multimedia presentations that interacted with the public in order to communicate the theme and attract more volunteers to this NGO.

Work ESTREIA designed 2 different interactive presentations, with the titles “Want to go on a Mission?” and “How can I help?”.
The presentation “Want to go on a Mission?” took the form of an interactive game in which the public was invited to be a volunteer and choose one of the 3 available mission scenarios.
Once the scenario was selected, he/she would have to complete 3 steps: packing, applying the mission budget and finally carrying out the mission.
At the end of the game, a score was awarded to the virtual volunteer, and was invited to sign up as an AMI volunteer.
The presentation “How can I help?” was intended to inform visitors of the different ways to help AMI, depending on the professional background. The visitor had only to select his job from the list of professions available, and the result would be a list of tasks to help AMI, and then could register as a volunteer.

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