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Escolinha Tia Ló’s Site

Escolinha Tia Ló’s Site

Note This project is no longer online

Client Escolinha Tia Ló (www.escolinhatialo.pt)

Mission Escolinha Tia Ló is a private school in Cascais and they chose ESTREIA for a complete website redesign. The website should also adapt to tablets and mobile phones.

Solution ESTREIA delivered a new website with these items:

  • Responsive web design, focused in communicating the school’s activity through rich content and images;
  • Implementation of features like Private Area for parents and teachers, newsletters, several forms (contact, register and user account), and sharing to the social networks;
  • Website was connected to WordPress, so that the client can easily update its content;
  • Training session was held with the school’s staff, focused on updating tasks;
  • Customer receives statistical reports with metrics and goals, like pre-inscriptions and user logins;
  • Search engine optimization was done, and website was submitted to the main portals;
  • An AdWords online advertising campaign was configured, attracting relevant visitors to the website.

Results The website generated an average of 160 monthly interactions with visitors, between forms and user actions, and ranked high on Google, in searches relevant to the customer’s business, like “preschool cascais” among others (note: search results may vary according to your location and profile).

Client’s Testimonial
“Our website has been providing useful contacts to our activity, and works well as a way of promotion.”
Headmaster – ETL

Date 06.May.2017

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