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MEET WEST’s Website

MEET WEST’s Website

Client MEET WEST (www.meet-west.com)

Challenge Meet West is a business dedicated to event planning in Lisbon, Portugal, and chose ESTREIA for a complete redesign of their corporate website. The website should target international customers, be easily updated, and help the company gain potential customers.

Solution ESTREIA built a corporate website with these characteristics:

  • Web design and content that communicates both Meet West and Portugal’s capacity for organizing and hosting events for international customers;
  • Implementation of features like weather forecast on the website, contact form, localisation map and share to the social networks;
  • Content in 4 languages – English, Portuguese, Spanish and French;
  • Website was connected to WordPress, so that the client can easily update its content;
  • Customer receives statistical reports with metrics and goals, like contact forms;
  • Training session was held with the customer, focused on updating tasks;
  • Search engine optimization was done.

Results Meet West website generates frequent business leads, and ranks high on Google, in searches relevant to their activity, like “event planning in portugal” and “organisation d’évènements au portugal” among others (note: search results may vary according to your location and profile).

Date 04.Sep.2017

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