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Turbomar Group Websites

Turbomar Group Websites

Client Grupo Turbomar (turbomar.pt / grupitel.pt)

Mission Turbomar Group picked ESTREIA to renew their companies websites: Turbomar Energia and Grupitel, both operating in the energy sector. The new web design and features should help them to get more contacts from potential customers.

Solution ESTREIA delivered a website with the following aspects:

  • Renewed web design, where companies from the group share the same global identity;
  • Easy to navigate interface and content structure, with up to 800 pages and 2 language versions;
  • Implementation of useful features like local search, contact and request quote forms, among others;
  • Website was connected to WordPress, so that the client can easily update its content;
  • Training session was held with the staff, focused on updating tasks;
  • Customer receives statistical reports with metrics and goals, like forms and quote requests;
  • Search engine optimization was done, and website was submitted to the main portals;
  • An AdWords online advertising campaign was configured, attracting relevant visitors to the website;
  • Facebook pages were opened and configured for each company.

Results Turbomar and Grupitel websites generate frequent contacts and business leads, and rank high on Google, in searches relevant to the customer’s business, like “generator sets portugal” and “generator rental portugal” among others (note: search results may vary according to your location and profile).

Date 02.jul.2015

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