Online Shops and E-Commerce

Online shopping is now a global reality, allowing sellers and buyers to trade all kinds of products and services over the internet.

This reality involves challenges and opportunities, both for traditional businesses – based on physical location, and for web-based startups.

With the right approach, any product or service, traditional or innovative, but competitive and of quality, can be successful in e-commerce.

ESTREIA uses it’s over 10 years of experience to produce online stores that deliver results through the following approach:

Business Analysis
Start by understanding the business, the market, the competition and the end customer
Custom Web Design
Shops with design tailored for each business and brand [see online shops portfolio]
E‑Commerce Tools
Stores with shopping cart, payments, promotions and order management
Online Advertising and SEO
Attract as many potential customers to your online store
Metrics and Statistics
Detailed usage statistics and achieved goals, in easy-to-consult reports
Request a Quote
If you want to sell products or services online, with a professional store
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