Presentation Design

Presentation Design

Presentations are a format of digital communication, mainly used for their visual impact and technical possibilities.

Presentations can be produced in a variety of formats, including video, HTML or Flash, depending on the intended purpose.
They can be presented live, online or delivered to end-users on physical media such as CDs or USB Pen.
A presentation can be controlled by the user, or interact with him/her, or simply run on loop.

ESTREIA has produced multimedia presentations for different purposes, namely:

  • Presentations for websites, acting as landing pages or info-graphics;
  • Presentations for public spaces, such as storefronts, kiosks or trade fair stands;
  • Presentations for events, in congresses, corporate meetings, etc;
  • Presentations for commercial purposes, used as a support for business/sales meetings;
  • Digital versions of publications, like corporate reports, technical books, etc.

See the presentation portfolio or contact Premiere for more information.

Check ESTREIA’s presentation design portfolio or get in touch for further information.

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